Pioneer 200

  • Pioneer 200

Pioneer 200

Wooden constructed, simple and without frills, this is the ALPI AVIATION choice. The fuselage wood truss structure is the same of PIONEER 300 one. The aircraft has also the same instrument panel, central consol and the composite materials engine cowling.
Some mechanical part derives from PIONEER 300 such as: control stick, rudder and elevator hinges, braking system, wheels. The front hinged canopy is made of a one piece, transparent polycarbonate. The aircraft has a fixed landing gear and a rectangular wing with a main spar made of Spruce wood and ten ribs per wing. The torsion resistance is assured by the usual classic plywood D shaped box.
A rear spar supports the hinges and aileron controls aluminium push-pull tubes. The overall aircraft structure is covered by a Dacron fabric. The aluminium fuel tank ha a standard capacity of 54 litres and is positioned inside the fuselage. Several kind of propulsion could be installed over the firewall: from 60 up to 80 hp engines and easy to find in used and/or overhauled engines market.

Datos Técnicos

 Low wing
 Tricycle fixed landing gear
 Stearable nose landing gear
 2 place, side by side arrangements with double control stick
 Tractive propeller
 Fully fabric covered wood structure
 Detachable wing
 Well finished and comfortable interiors
 Very good visibility
 Wing Span  7,55 m
 Wing Reference Surface  10,5 mq
 Fuselage Length  6,15 m
 Cabin Width  1,05 m
 Cabin Height  1,00 m
 Empty Operative Weight  275 Kg
 Maximum Operative Weight (ULM)  450 Kg
 Maximum Design Operative Weight  520 Kg
 In Flight Load Factors  +4 / -2 g
 Tank Capacity  54 lt
 Installable Auxiliary Tank Capacity  17 lt
 Overall Payload Limit (ULM)  175 Kg
 Design Payload Limit  245 Kg
 Baggage Volume  226 l
 Maximum Baggage Amount  20 Kg
Maximum Levelled Speed  215 Km/h
Cruise Speed (@ 75% Power)  185 Km/h
Stall Speed  65 Km/h
Best Climb Speed  110 Km/h
Steep Climb Speed  90 Km/h
Best Rate Of Climb  300 m/min 980 ft/min
Roll Speed  90° /sec
AeroDynamic Efficiency  11:1
Range @75% Of Power  650 Km
Range @ 75% Of Power With Auxiliary Tank  830 Km
Fuel Consumption @75% Of Power  14,7 lt/h
Operative Ceiling Altitude  5000 m
Takeoff & Landing Running  100 m
 Electric Flap  Speedmeter
 54 lt Fuel tank  Altimeter
 Elevator Trim  Vario
 Radio Predisposition  Turn Coordinator
 Canopy Snap Vents  Compass
 Auxiliary Electric Socket  RPM Counter with Hour Counter
 Tools  Fuel Level Indicator
 Flight Manual – Check list  Cooling Temperature Indicator
 Maintenance Manual  Oil Temperature Indicator
 Standard Blue Upholstery  Oil Pressure Indicator
 Pioneer Protective Cover Voltmeter
 White Body with Two Stripes


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