Savannah S

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Savannah S

The Savannah S, now Sleek and Sexy is the ICP flagship. The same aircraft as the Savannah VG XL but with a more sleeker ROUNDED fuselage. Now she does not only fly good but also looks good. “The Savannah has finally been taken out of the box” as one owner put it. The Savannah S retains all the stable flight characteristics of the former variants and the spaciousness of the XL. The cabin is a full 43″ and also 6″ longer than the VG with forward and aft rudder pedal position options “vir die lang kêrels”. If you are taller than 185 cm (6′ 1″) or heavier than 100 kg (220 lb) you would probably be more comfortable in the S or XL.

Datos Técnicos

Engine Rotax 912 ULS, 100 hp, 4 – Stroke
Prop DUC Swirl – 3 Blade Carbon composite



Length 6.60 m Vmax (5500 rpm) 115 mph
Height 2.58 m Vcruise (5000rpm) 105 mph
Wing Span 9.00 m Vso (Stall – Flaps extended) 30 mph
Wing Cord 1.43 m Vne 143 mph
Wing Surface Area 12.84 m² Climb Rate 1100 ft/min
Aspect Ratio 6.3:1 Glide Ratio 11:1
Cabin Width 1.09 m Consumption (5000 rpm) 17 l/hr
Empty Mass 300 kg Endurance 4.5 hr
MTOW 560 kg Take off distance 35 m
Useful Mass 260 kg Range (to empty) 470 miles
Fuel Capacity 80 litres Landing distance 50 m
Long range tank option 152 litres Max operating Altitude 14000 ft
Structural load – (tested) +6g / -4g Cross wind limitation 30 mph


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